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What are the best BGP best practices?

I've been telling people how to run BGP in their networks for many years, so it's high time I checked whether what I tell people gels with published best practices. So I typed "BGP best practices" in a Google search box... and got many pages with results. It took me two days to work through that.

But it turns out most of the search results are limited in some way: they only focus on one vendor, only on one small aspect of BGP, are outdated, or just not very good. However, there are four documents that I think deserve qualified recommendations, and one honorable mention:

Permalink - posted 2022-10-03

Skyline #15, regenboog vlak na zonsopkomst

Image link - posted 2022-09-25 in

Schenkkade Den Haag

Image link - posted 2022-09-06 in

Skyline #14: heatwave edition

Image link - posted 2022-08-12 in

Olivia Newton-John: Xanadu

We lost Olivia Newton-John... Back in 1980 she starred in a supremely weird and not very good movie, but with an amazing title song by ELO: Xanadu.

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Oh SNAP! There is more to Wi-Fi ↔︎ Ethernet than I thought

The tag line for World IPv6 Launch ten years ago was "the future is forever". You know what else seems to be forever? The past. Let's talk about IEEE 802 LLC/SNAP encapsulation.

I always thought when you send IP packets over Wi-Fi, the IP packet would go inside an Ethernet frame, and then the Ethernet frame inside an IEEE 802.11 frame. Turns out this is not how it works: ...

Full article / permalink - posted 2022-07-21

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