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2009 IPv4 Address Use Report

As of January first, 2010, the number of unused IPv4 addresses is 722.18 million. On January 1, 2009, this was 925.58 million. So in 2009, 203.4 million addresses were used up. This is the first time since the introduction of CIDR in 1993 that the number of addresses used in a year has topped 200 million. With 3706.65 million usable addresses, 80.5% of the available IPv4 addresses are now in some kind of use, up from 75.3% a year ago. So the depletion of the IPv4 address reserves is continuing in much the same way as in previous years.

Read the article - posted 2010-01-01

2009 IPv6 Address Use Report

Since 2005, I've been compiling an IPv4 address use report every year. With the start of the new decade, this is a good moment to start doing the same thing for IPv6.

Read the article - posted 2010-01-01

The year/decade in IP addresses

For the fifth time now, I wrote an IPv4 address use report over the previous year for this site. And, for the first time, an IPv6 address use report. In addition, I wrote an article for Ars Technica about the IPv4 address use the past year and the past decade. From the Ars article:

Today, ten years later, 2,985 million addresses (81 percent) are in use, and 722 million are still free. In that time, the number of addresses used per year increased from 79 million in 2000 to 203 million in 2009. So it's a near certainty that before Barack Obama vacates the White House, we'll be out of IPv4 address. (Even if he doesn't get re-elected.)

Permalink - posted 2010-01-04

Station Rotterdam Hofplein in 2010

Image link - posted 2010-01-25

Amsterdamse Metro 54 naar Gein

Image link - posted 2010-02-28

Trams voor station Amsterdam Centraal

Image link - posted 2010-02-28

I love being able to zoom out all the way to 10 mm!

Image link - posted 2010-03-23

Estació de França Barcelona

Image link - posted 2010-04-04

OmTCP: Increasing Performance in Server Farms

I. van Beijnum, A. Azcorra, M. Bagnulo
2010 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), May 23-27

Permalink - posted 2010-05-27

Red-winged starling at the Cape of Good Hope

Image link - posted 2010-05-28

NS DD-AR trein

Image link - posted 2010-06-02

NS VIRM trein

Image link - posted 2010-06-02

SLT (NS Sprinter Lighttrain)

Image link - posted 2010-06-02

NS Mat'64 Plan T trein

Image link - posted 2010-06-18

NS ICM Koploper trein

Image link - posted 2010-06-18

Station Den Haag Hollands Spoor

Image link - posted 2010-06-18

NS SLT trein bij station Hoek van Holland

Image link - posted 2010-06-19


Image link - posted 2010-06-24

105.57 million IPv4 addresses used in 2010 so far

We used up 105.57 million addresses in the first half of 2010. So we're on track to beat last year's 203.4 million by a few percent this year. If nothing changes.

Read the article - posted 2010-07-02

Yes, yes, we know, get over it

Image link - posted 2010-07-16

Trolleybus in Arnhem

Image link - posted 2010-07-24

Station Maastricht

Image link - posted 2010-07-30

Graffiti in Maastricht

Image link - posted 2010-07-30

End of the line for bicyclists in Vlissingen

Image link - posted 2010-08-06

Dropped earphones before getting on the train, took the next one back, they're still there

Image link - posted 2010-08-08

Hunebed in Drenthe!

Image link - posted 2010-08-12

NS DM'90 Buffel dieseltrein

Image link - posted 2010-08-14

→ There is no Plan B: why the IPv4-to-IPv6 transition will be ugly

Probably my biggest IPv6 story on Ars Technica: "The Internet is running out of IPv4 addresses—not at some point in the future, but right now. But the only solution to the problem, IPv6, is just now really starting to be deployed. That's why we're all in for some tough times ahead."

Read the article - posted 2010-09-30

The Shim6 architecture for IPv6 multihoming

A. García-Martínez, M. Bagnulo, I. van Beijnum
IEEE Communications Magazine
Issue Date: Sept. 2010; volume: 48 Issue: 9; pages: 152 - 157

Permalink - posted 2010-09-30

→ Understanding the Internet’s insecure routing infrastructure

Last April, 15 percent of the world's Internet traffic was rerouted through China. Ars delves into the nuts and bolts of how traffic is sent around the 'Net, highlighting some very basic security issues, including one that may have been responsible for April's routing incident.

Read the article - posted 2010-11-24

Allocation and use of IP addresses

H. Dries-Ziekenheiner, I. van Beijnum
Report for the European Commission
December 2010

Permalink - posted 2010-12-23

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