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My first iPod

This is the third generation iPod that I bought for an enormous amount of money back in 2003. It has a "20 GB" (more like 18 and change) harddisk and came with a dock and a wired remote control. It still looks cool although the screen seems so small now. The red LEDs behind the touch buttons are very nice, but the touch buttons are a usability nightmare because you can't feel around for the buttons because then you'll activate them.

My later fifth generation iPod with 30 GB and a color screen that plays video has the click wheel, where the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions of the wheel are also buttons, that works much better. Unlike the older one, it also supports podcasts. But it hasn't aged as well, with even less battery life even though I replaced the battery a decade ago, and the screen backlight has issues.

The 3rd gen iPod only syncs over Firewire or USB, but only charges over Firewire. The 5th gen iPod only syncs over USB, but charges over Firewire or USB. However, with the battery being in a very sorry state, USB + the battery combined don't deliver enough power to start the iPod up successfully. So I first have to charge it on Firewire and then it has enough juice to be synced over USB.

Anyway, I was very happy with my iPods from when I got my first one in 2003 until I got my first iPhone in 2008. Apple discontinued the iPod "classic" in 2014 and the iPod Nano in 2017. They kept the iPod Touch around until this week, but that's not really an iPod, it's an iPhone without the phone part.

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OSPF: time to get rid of the totally not so stubby legacy

Recently, I was looking through some networking certification material. A very large part of it was about OSPF. That's fair, OSPF is probably the most widely used routing protocol in IP networks. But the poor students were submitted to a relentless sequence of increasingly baroquely named features: stub areas, not-so-stubby-areas, totally stubby areas, culminating in totally not-so-stubby areas.

Can we please get rid of some of that legacy? And if not from the standard documents or the router implementations, then at least from the certification requirements and training materials?

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Aan hen die vielen tijdens het verzet 1940 1945

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30000 extra doden in 2020 + 2021 door COVID


In de Bevolkingsprognose 2017-2060 dacht het CBS nog dat er in 2020 in Nederland 154.253 mensen zouden ster­ven. Het werden er dik 14.425 meer: 168.678. En voor 2021 verwachtte het CBS 156.107 doden, terwijl het er met 170.839 maar liefst 14.732 meer werden. Oversterfte noemt het CBS die bij elkaar bijna 30.000 mensen die extra, boven verwachting stierven.

En de WHO meldt dat er in 2020 plus 2021 wereldwijd 14,9 miljoen extra mensen zijn overleden.

Zo'n 1 op de 1000 per jaar dus.

Ondertussen doet Nederland, onder leiding van een nieuwe minister van volksgezondheid, alsof er niks aan de hand is en zijn niet alleen alle maatregelen zoals afstand houden en mondkapjes afgeschaft, maar ook de monitoring is niet op orde. Dit terwijl er in Zuid-Afrika al­weer nieuwe (sub-) varianten van de omikron-variant opgedoken zijn die zeer waarschijnlijk besmettelijker zijn dan alle eerdere varianten.

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→ Let's talk about how Russia could do things differently....

On his Youtube channel, Beau of the Fifth Column opines about the Russian invasion into Ukraine. Today, he's doing something a bit different: some of his Russian viewers have asked him what Russia could do differently to make the liberation of Ukraine a success. Beau is happy to oblige.


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9 september 2017: Doe Maar op het Haagse strand

Met de vandaag veel te jong overleden Henny Vrienten als bassist/zanger. (Zie ook "Basmannen" op NPO Start, maar hoe je daar op wel of niet in kan loggen blijft onduidelijk. Waarschijnlijk alleen als je een betaald abonnement hebt. Update: Basmannen is vanavond iets na twaalf uur op NED1 te zien.)

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