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Lidstaten EU eens met gasnoodplan: 15 procent minder verbruik tot april

De afgelopen dagen hebben de landen van de EU hard onderhandeld over een afspraak om 15% minder gas te gaan gebruiken deze winter: Lidstaten EU eens met gasnoodplan: 15 procent minder verbruik tot april

Het trieste is dat er eigenlijk zo goed als geen overeenstemming is, met overal uitzonderingen.

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Oh SNAP! There is more to Wi-Fi ↔︎ Ethernet than I thought

The tag line for World IPv6 Launch ten years ago was "the future is forever". You know what else seems to be forever? The past. Let's talk about IEEE 802 LLC/SNAP encapsulation.

I always thought when you send IP packets over Wi-Fi, the IP packet would go inside an Ethernet frame, and then the Ethernet frame inside an IEEE 802.11 frame. Turns out this is not how it works: ...

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xkcd: The Best Camera

The Best Camera:

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My web tool for controlling (the color temperature of) Philips Hue lights

Last year I got a new webcam, which led me to ask myself what color temperature setting for my Hue lightbulbs would work best with that camera. (Turns out: 4000K.)

But: how do you set your Hue lights to a certain color temperature? I didn't find a good solution for that. So I built my own! And then feature creep kicked in and I ended up with a browser-based tool that can control the lights in various ways. Including having the bulbs change their brightness / color temperature gradually over the course of seconds or minutes or even an hour.

So it got a bit more complex than ideal, and you need to jump through a few hoops to get the name or IP address of the Hue bridge and an authentication key. But I promise it's really nice. It has sliders for easy operation on an iPad and the like, but you can also use the keyboard.

Check it out.

Note that the whole thing runs inside the browser and directly talks to the Hue bridge over the local network. So no information is sent to the server. The authentication key can be stored in the browser's password store where it should be safe from prying eyes. But be careful with what you enter in the bridge IP address field because the authentication key is sent to the system with that address or name.

The huge bridge used to create the name "philips-hue.local" for itself, but now they they create a .local name from their MAC address. For instance:

ndp -a 00178827894e.local 0:17:88:27:89:4e en0 23h59m47s S

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AppleTV (not always) 4K

The idea behind the AppleTV 4K streaming puck is that you see your content in 4K. In the case of photos in the screensaver, that's not what you get. The AppleTV 4K, showing photos from my laptop using "home sharing" (no not iCloud photos):

When I play a slide show with the same images on my LG OLED TV, I get this:

These are photos taken of the TV image, of course zoomed in quite a lot, but if you're sitting close enough to the TV to be able to tell the difference between HD and 4K, the difference is pretty obvious.

What gives, Apple?

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